10 Easy Steps to Building Your Own Arrows

We started to write a quick guide for building your own arrows and discovered that Gold Tip had done a great job of creating a 10 step video that walks you through the process. We liked the videos so much, we included them here. Full credit goes to Gold Tip for the production of the videos. We have also added a summary of the 10 steps as well as a list of materials, tools and supplies required.

We think you will be surprised how simple this process really is and how much your shooting will improve when you take complete control over the building process. Don't be afraid -- you can do it! And when you do, let us know how it goes!

The 10 Easy Steps;

Step 1: Choose the right shaft **
Step 2: Measure the length of arrow required
Step 3: Cut the shafts
Step 4: Square the ends of the shafts
Step 5: Glue inserts
Step 6: Apply wraps
Step 7: Apply fletching
Step 8: Spin test arrows
Step 9: Weigh arrows
Step 10: Grade Arrows
** Each manufacturer will have different recommendations based on their particular arrow shafts. Follow this link for most of the manufactures charts; Product Info

Tools, Materials and Supplies;
  • Arrow saw to cut the raw shafts to proper length
  • Arrow square to insure inserts fit nicely
  • Inserts to install tips
  • Glue for inserts so they won't pull out
  • Mousepad to roll wraps
  • Wraps to add flair
  • Fletching jig to make sure your vanes and feathers are in the right place
  • Fletching - vanes or feathers
  • Glue for fletching
  • Spin tester to make sure your arrows will fly straight
  • Arrow scale with cradle to fine tune your arrow selection
  • Fine tip Sharpie pen to mark for proper arrow length

The Gold Tip Produced Video on Building Better Arrows;

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