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TRU Fire Releases

Our satisfaction comes from making A piece of archery hunting equipment, American made releases that are second to none in quality and design. We have become the #1 release manufacturer (3.5 million sold) because of our commitment to quality and innovative designs. Our main goal is to give archers a release of the highest quality with impressive features. Our commitment to reach our goal allow bowhunters to shoot their best whether in the field or at the range. We at Tru-Fire are proud of the fact that we are committed to the people and the sport of archery for past, present and future generations. We would also like to say "thank you" to all of our supporters. Your continued success, is our motivation.


Finger Tabs


True Fire Hurricane Releases

If you’re looking for the "state of the art" release this year, look no further. The jaws on all of the Hurricanes open when you depress the trigger, and close when you let up on the trigger. The Hurricane line utilizes a free-floating, self centering steel roller that does not slide over the jaws but rolls along the inside of the jaws. This new patented design makes these releases the smoothest on the market today. The Hurricanes also have heat treated jaws and triggers that are Teflon coated for years of dependable use. All can be adjusted for trigger pressure. On a 70 pound bow, the Hurricanes take only 3.5 ounces of pressure to fire the trigger.

tru fire hardcore foldback

True Fire Hardcore Foldback Release
Sale Price: $109.99

The Tru Fire Hardcores were designed to be the ultimate hook (single jaw) release with more features than any other. For starters, the HARDCORE has a self-centering knuckle located behind the main body which eliminates side to side torque which is a major design flaw with other hook style releases. The body will actually pivot left or right for a total of 20 degrees to compensate for varying anchor point positions. Once attached to a bow, the loop or serving will line up straight with the centerline of the release which allows for a perfect shot every time. The solid steel jaw automatically closes when you depress the trigger and when set with minimal travel, trigger pressure is a mere 4 ounces. The hardcore comes with a swept back trigger and Evolution Buckle strap. This release is the ultimate for hardcore hunters as well as serious tournament archers. Featuring a Camo leather buckle foldback strap, an Over 1inch length adjustment, a fully adjustable trigger travel, a forward trigger and is Guaranteed not to slip off loops.


true fire edge foldback release

True Fire Edge Fold Back Buckle
Sale Price: $79.95

The Trufire Edge line of releases is designed with a smaller than dime sized head. Even though it has been scaled back to suit your tastes, the Edge retains the functionality and benefits you expect from Tru-Fire. The Edge release line utilizes a linear motion bearing which delivers an extremely smooth trigger feel. Pull the trigger back to open the jaws, and let up on the trigger to close the jaws.Also new on the Edges is a lockdown set screw for your length adjustment. Featuring a camo nylon foldback Evolution buckle strap and an over 1inch length adjustment which can be locked in place.


trufire 360 elite foldback release

True Fire 360 Elite Fold Back Buckle
Sale Price: $79.95

The Trufire 360 Elite Fold back Incorporates 360° head rotation in front of the trigger. Uses an innovative adjustment dial which gives you a range from 4oz to 26oz of trigger pressure while not effecting trigger travel.

tru fire 360 buckel

True Fire 360 Buckle
BUY NOW Sale Price: $74.95

The jaws on the Tru Fire 360 open when you depress the trigger and the jaws close when you let up on the trigger. This is the first release to utilize a sealed 12 ball bearing unit creating the most advanced 360 degree head rotation on the market. The head rotates so freely, it will not even torque a string loop- it's that smooth. An innovative adjustment dial allows you a range of 4 ounces to 21 ounces of trigger pressure, while not affecting trigger travel. This feature is great for a different trigger feel between targets, or for hunting, if you wear a glove you can now have a heavy trigger but still no creep or travel. This is the first release to enable you to separate the travel of the trigger and the pressure of the trigger. The Judge is the perfect release for the archer who is shooting x-rings at the target range, 12 rings at the 3-D course or that buck of a lifetime from their favorite tree stand

truefire bulldog foldback release

True Fire Bulldog Fold Back Buckle
Sale Price: $50.95

TruFire Bulldog Buckle with Spring Trigger and Foldback. TruFires new Bulldog features a Spring Trigger which automatically closes. The dual position trigger can be mounted in the forward position or moved into the standard spot. The Foldback Buckle Strap allows the archer to snap the release quietly out of the way; allowing for climbing up a ladder stand, glassing, or using rattling horns without letting the release get in the way. Fits Right and Left hand archers. Release has 3/4" length adjustment without tools. TruFire Bulldog Buckle with Spring Trigger and Foldback.


tru fire hurricane extreme

True FireHurricane Extreme
Sale Price: $43.00

  • Padded black nylon Power Strap, much easier to put on then any V-style strap
  • Fits both left and right hands


hurricane foldback

Hurricane Foldback

BUY NOW Sale Price: $69.00

The Trufire Foldback release Utilizes a free-floating, self-centering steel roller that does not slide over the jaws but rolls along the inside of the jaws. Leather evolution buckle strap. Fits both right and left hands, fully adjustable, and 10 holes for a perfect fit





True Fire Hurricane Power Strap
Sale Price: $69.00

HC Hurricane Power Strap

  • Over 1" length adjustment between the trigger and strap for different hand sizes or gloves REQUIRES NO TOOLS
  • Power Strap made from Camouflage Saddle Cloth, much easier to put on than any V-style strap
  • Fits both left and right hands


trufire patriot release

TRU FIRE PATRIOT (also avalible in youth size)
SALE PRICE: $22.00

All Patented X-Caliper heads shown offer features only found with Tru-Fire technology. These are the finest non-Tru-Rotating calipers on the market. Starting with our heat-treated and Teflon coated trigger and jaws for years of dependability.

  • Our user-friendly trigger fires by either pulling or relaxing the trigger. All X-Calipers come with high strength, ultra-wide, no gap jaws for quicker loading and triggers that are adjustable for trigger pressure.
  • Economical and comfortable nylon power strap w/fast and simple
  • Velcro closure system, less than 5 seconds and its on, fits both right and left hand
  • Guaranteed to fit the smallest of hands, including a child's
  • The most economical American made junior release on the market


bear paw

True Fire Bear Paw
Sale Price: $65.00

Trigger and sear are teflon coated. Position the trigger and head so it locks in place, or you can move it at a 45° rotation and if desired 360° for a full rotation, adjustable trigger.

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