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Tru Ball

T.R.U. BALL Releases


Full line of TruBall, and Tru Fire avaliable upon request.


tru ball sniper 2 release

T.R.U. BALL SNIPER 2 Release
Sale Price: $76.95

The TRU Ball Sniper 2 "Jaw and a Half" design adds forgiveness to a single caliper jaw release. The secret to this release is a "Half" jaw that floats. The release also features a new ribbed body design with added draw length adjustability (five positions instead of three).

The head connects to the strap with the new T.R.U. Ball Globo-Swivel that provides superior torque-free movement and folds away when not in use. Hunters and tournament shooters can choose from one of two interchangeable triggers which are included in the package.

One trigger features a forward design for more draw length, while a spring trigger will allow archers to slowly squeeze the trigger without flinching!

tru ball beast

T.R.U. BALL The Bone collector Beast Release
Sale Price: $84.95

The Tru Ball Beast Release designed especially for Michael Waddell & the Bone Collector Team, added solid rod connection & a 3oz. or 11oz. trigger choice to their favorite release (the T.R.U. Ball `Short-N-Sweet), advanced "high-speed" model with a forward trigger to provide more draw length for short draw archers, quick load open hook design, and it also includes the drop-away solid rod globo-swivel connection with adjustment. Release comes with a Black Buckle Strap.

tru ball super stinger

T.R.U. BALL Super Stinger Release
Sale Price: $43.95

TruBall Super Series Stinger Velcro Release loads easily by pulling the trigger to open the jaws and letting up to close them! Completely silent for successful hunting. Folds back to tuck into your sleeve when not in use. Swivels 360 degrees at the base of the strap. Adjustable sensitivity screw. Easy Draw Length adjustment - simply cut the tube and tighten nut to desired length.

tru ball stinger release

SALE PRICE: $36.95

If you want top features at a low price in a camo Velcro® strap release, this is the release for you! The Stinger Velcro has most of the features of some of our top wrist strap release aids, yet is priced to meet anyone's budget. The new patent-pending stinger connector swings away for a wide range of motion. The draw length is easy to adjust. Made of highest quality materials, like 7075 aircraft aluminum jaws with teflon-coating. Aluminum parts available in black or camouflage.

Available in youth and adult

truball cyclone release

T.R.U. BALL Cyclone
Sale Price: $51.95

The web-strap connection simplifies adjustment, reduces torque and makes it easy to tuck the release out of the way when not in use. The caliper head swivels 360°, or it can be locked in position with a set screw. The jaws close automatically when you release the trigger for faster loading during the hunt. It also has a trigger sensitivity adjustment.
Available: Velcro® strap


tru ball bandit release

T.R.U. BALL Bandit
BUY NOWSale Price: $34.95

Tru Ball Bandit Release features a rope connection covered in weather resistant flexible tubing, designed to make your release ready in hunting situations where speed is key. Pull trigger to open--let up to close. (Available in black head only).

tru ball super cyclone release

T.R.U. BALL Super Cyclone Release
Sale Price: $59.95

The TRU Ball Super Cyclone is a dependable and accurate release for hunters! The Cyclone features a swiveling head but also has the capability to lock down into any location you want by tightening just one screw. A web strap connection with easy draw length adjustment , head swivels or locks down.



SALE PRICE: $64.95

The Tornado Velcro is our best-selling release! Like all Tornado releases, the Tornado Velcro has an infinite range of motion which allows the hunter to tuck the release in his or her sleeve, and the ability to adjust draw length easily. The Saddle Cloth® Advantage® strap is a hit with hunters! While the strap is always camouflage, the aluminum pieces are available in black and camouflage and can be ordered with standard caliper jaws, single ball jaws, or double ball jaws.

tru ball assassin

SALE PRICE: $69.95

The Tru Ball Assassin is deadly silent and accurate, new small size features stainless steel jaws and trigger for superior quality, includes the drop-away solid rod globo-swivel connection with draw length adjustment, pull trigger to open--let up to close. Choose velcro or buckel strap, Black

short n sweet S1

T.R.U. BALL Short N Sweet S1
Sale Price: $58.95

Release features feather light trigger, non-collapsing trigger that is closer to the bowstring for more fps and open head for quick loading. Black

short n sweet S2

T.R.U. BALL Short N Sweet S2
Sale Price: $58.95

Release features feather light trigger, non-collapsing trigger that is swept back for comfortable feel and open head for quick loading. Velcro

tru ball max pro 4 release

BUY NOW Sale Price: $84.99

Tru Ball Max Pro 4 Release is completely silent for successful hunting, easy open close jaws, head swivels 360 degrees, adjustable sensitivity screw. Black

tu ball pro diamond

Sale Price: $94.99

The Tru Ball Pro Diamond was the second generation of T-Handles that we designed and the precursor to the Chappy Boss. It is our best selling hunting T-Handle to this day primarily because of the features mentioned below. Many people who shoot a Boss Series release switch to the Pro Diamond when they hunt because the release has the same dimensions without the cocking bar. If you're looking for a hunting T-Handle, look no farther than the Pro Diamond

tru ball st360x release

Tru Ball ST360X Release
cart Sale Price: $169.95

The TruBall ST360X release is a reliable, consistent, and accurate shot after shot, tapered handle design and superior firing mechanism, includes separate trigger travel and sensitivity adjustments and multi-adjustable thumb trigger positioning

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