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The name says it all, Swack is the sound you here when you make a hit! Swhacker Broadheads feature a unique design blade that provide 2 cutting edges. The first set of edges known as the wing blades, are used to cut through the hide and first set of ribs, which fully open the blades. The 2nd set of edges (Main Blades) do not touch anything during initial penetration. This allows them to open after the initial impact having razor sharp edges for internal organs and a wider cutting pattern on exit without decreasing penetration.

swacker broadheads

Swacker Broadheads
cart Sale Price: $32.00

Blade design allows secondary cutting edges to cut the hide and bones during broadhead entry, leaving primary blade edges sharp for vital organs. 2-.032" stainless steel blades. 3 pack.

100 grain: 1-3/4" Cutting Diameter.
125 grain: 2-1/4" Cutting Diameter.

swacker replacement blades

Swacker Broadheads Replacement Blades
cart Sale Price: $17.00

Available in:
100 grain: 1-3/4"
125 grain: 2-1/4"

swacker shrink tubing

Swacker Broadhead Shrink Tube
cart Sale Price: $2.95

Place a single band over the tip with the blades fully enclosed in the slot. Slide the band down the ferrule until it is in the slot. Slide the band down the ferrule until it is in the retaining groove. The blades may move slightly. If the band does not stay in the retaining groove, use a heat source such as a pocket lighter or a hair dryer to shrink the band down. Care should be taken to not overheat the band.

swacker HDX3 broadhead sharpener

Swacker Broadhead Sharpening Tool
cart Sale Price: $21.00

The Swhacker HDX3 can handle your razor blades, broadheads, fillet knives, kitchen knives, butcher knives, hatchets, machetes or just about anything else with an edge!

    Swhacker HDX3 Features:
  • Utilizes tungsten carbide bits that are 91.3 HRC hardness.
  • Carbide bits are mirror polished with diamond honed cutting edges.
  • Completely weather proof!
  • Made from solid 6061 aircraft aluminum, using all aluminum rivets!
  • Requires no oiling or cleaning!
  • Features two broadhead tip tighteners!


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