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New Archery Products Arrow Rests


qt sizzor

NAP Quicktune Sizzor
cart Sale Price: $105.00

Arrow support arms hold arrow securely and open on release for total fletching clearance. Arms will stay closed-even during let down. Features and easy load system, total clearance, total capture system, and a quiet launch system.


NAP Smart Rest

NAP Quicktune Smartrest
c Sale Price: $84.00

SmartRest is New Archery Products most revoltionary drop-away arrowrest yet. "Smart" downward cushion and micro-adjustable drop speed assure unparalleled accuracy and total fletching clearance. NAP's all-new Flying Vee™ launcher with Smart Technology incorporates shock-absorbing spring steel to minimize arrow bounce for improved up-and-down accuracy. Add microadjustable drop speed for precise left-to-right accuracy, and you have a drop-away rest that sets up quickly and tunes easily for consistent arrow flight. The flexible braided cable attaches to your bow's downward-moving bus cable and reacts quickly to the shot. Plus, the SmartRest's innovative design makes it ideal for bows with extreme centershot specifications.

qt flipper

NAP Quicktune Flipper Rest
c Sale Price $49.95

A full containment rest that does not require strings or cables to tie in. A simple 5 minute set up that will fit any arrow size. Micro adjustable centershot.


quicktune 3000

NAP Quicktune 3000 Micro Adjust
c Sale Price: $79.00

Triple bearing design for zero play and ultimate shooting accuracy, micro adjustable center shot, spring tension and vertical adjustment, all micro adjustments feature ‘position indicator markings’ no more guessing. Quiet Tuff silencers are factory installed plus a free extra pair.

quicktune 1000

NAP Quicktune 1000
Sale Price: $44.00

See why QuikTunes have quickly become a favorite among bowhunters. You get the best quality, frustration free set-up and tuning with smooth-as-silk launcher action plus Nylok®-patched screws that lock down tight! And only one-size allen wrench is needed for all adjustments.

quicktune 800

Sale Price: $25.95

Hassle-free dependability, 3 fixed position adjustment options, super smooth launcher action for ultimate accuracy, one size allen wrench (included) adjusts everything.


quicktune 4000 drop away

NAP Qucktune Drop - Away 4000
c Sale Price: $84.45

Fast and easy to set up, rugged, hassle-free braided steel cable, micro adjustable center shot and elevation, built in arrow holder, factory installed fork tamers.


Quicktune 200 drop away

NAP Quicktune Drop- Away 2000
Sale Price: $49.00

Strong adjustable bracket, one wrench adjusts everything. Rugged and hassle-free braided steel cable, built in arrow holder. Factory installed fork tamers.


quicktune 2000 RG


NAP Quicktune 2000 RG
c Sale Price: $64.00

Shoot a Mathews Icon, Legacy or LX bow? The NEW QuikTune Drop-away 2000RG was created exclusively for these bow models with a cable roller-guard. The super easy set-up coupled with the shelf mounted silent arrow holder and dual prong arrow launcher all make for a truly state of the art drop away arrowrest that really works.
The world's first drop-away arrowrest tailored for bows with Cable Roller Guards.

  • Exclusively fits Mathews Legacy and Icon bows with Cable Roller Guard
  • New cable-less "Cam-Away" activation system (patent pending)
  • Super-quiet dual arrow holders (patent pending)
  • Proven QuikTune Drop-Away performance and reliability
  • Quick set-up and one-wrench adjustment.
nap 360

NAP 360 Capture Rest
Sale Price $49.95

Combination arrow rest and arrow holder that secures arrows in perfect alignment. Teflon coated stainless steel arms hold arrows securly and assure no fletching contact for improved fletching life and accurate shooting. Available in right or left hand.

nap flipper 2 rest

NAP Flipper II Arrow Rest
c Sale Price: $8.95

Shoots consistent throughout all weather conditions. Self adhesive backing, for use with or without a cushion plunger. Available in Right and Left Hand.

nap centerest

NAP Centerest Arrow Rest
c Sale Price: $19.95

Easily adjustable to each bow’s particular centershot, built-in cushion plunger action. If needed rest can be replaced instantly without affecting bow sight settings. Available in Right and Left Hand.

nap replacement centerest NAP Centerest Replacment Rest
c Sale Price: $9.95
nap centerest flipper rest

NAP Centerest Flipper Arrow Rest
c Sale Price: $28.95

Flipper action for better fletching clearance and arrow flight, built-in cushion plunger action. Instant rest replacement without affecting individual bow sight settings. Available in Right and Left Hand.

nap replacement flipper rest NAP Centerest Flipper Replacement Rest
c Sale Price: $15.95
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