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arrow glue


Arrow Fletching Glue and Adhesives

max bond

AAE Max Bond
Sale Price $11.00

Designed for the new Plastifletch Max and Max Hunter, 7oz bottle.

fast set gel

AAE Fast Set Gel
Sale Price: $4.95

Specially formuluated for gluing vanes and nocks instantlly

fletch tite platinum

Bohning Fletch Tite Platinum
Sale Price $4.80

Provides an extremely tough, durable bond. Remains flexible and water repellent. Cedar, aluminum, or carbon.

bohning instant gel

Bohning Instant Gel
SalePrice $4.80

Quick-set fletching cement in an easy to use gel. For aluminum, carbon, fiberglass, and wood shafts. 3 gram tube

bohning blazer bond

Bohning Blazer Bond Glue
Sale Price $11.50

Instantly bonds nocks, vanes, feathers and inserts. Extremely impact resistant super strong and super fast! Elcellant for all shaft types. Clamp time as a mere 15 seconds with a full cure time of two hours. One ounce bottle.

bohning insert iron

Bohning Insert Iron Glue
Sale Price $11.95

Specially formulated for glueing insetsand outserts in carbon shafts. Increased impact resistance, holding power, easy to apply and heat reversable. Adhere points and inserts to carbon shafts. Heat reversible.

fleth tape

Bohning Feather Fletch Tape
Sale Price $9.50

Easily applied for a strong, reliable bond on contact. Will fletch over 3 1/2 dozen arrows

cx bond

CX Bond Glue
Sale Price $11.00

Specially designed to bond both inserts and fletching. Works on carbon or aluminum shafts and bonds in seconds. Features clog-free cap and precision nozzle. 20 gram tube.

easton bond all glue

Easton Bond-All Adhesive insert Glue
Sale Price $11.95

Easton's specially formulated Bond-All adhesive is the only quick-bonding insert glue approved for use with the HIT insert system. Use fast-setting Bond-All for the permanent installation of inserts and points in all type of arrows.Provides a powerful bond that is ready to shoot in just 15 minutes. The only quick-cure adhesive approved for HIT arrows.

20 gram bottle

flx bond glue

Flex Flex Flex Bond
Sale Price $6.95

Superior adhesive for vanes, feathers, and nocks on all arrow shafts. Sets fast, yet final bond is not brittle.

flex fletch zing primer

Flex Flex Zing Premium Adhesive
Sale Price $12.95

ZING! Premium Fletching adhesive. Use it alone or with ZING! Fletching Primer.
Zing Premium is a custom formulated fast bonding adhesive designed to get your fletching done quickly. No need to clean the base of your Flex-Fletch vanes if you're using ZING! Primer.

1 ounce bottle.

flex fletch zing primer

Flex Flex Zing Primer
Sale Price $6.95

Now, instead of cleaning the base of each Flex-Fletch vane before fletching you simply brush Zing! on the base of the vane and fletch as usual. Zing! works with instant set, cyanoacrylate adhesives. Zing! is currently available in a 1/2 fluid oz bottle with a convenient applicator brush attached inside the cap.

saunders NPV

Saunders NPV Cement
SalePrice $6.95

This strong, flexible adhesive provides maximum fletch and nock-to-shaft adhesion. NPV bonds to carbon, plastic, metal and fiberglass.

Goat Tuff Premium glue

Goat Tuff Premium Glue
Sale Price $8.95 for 7 gram tube.
Available in: 7 gram tube , 1/2 oz, 1 oz, and 2 oz. bottles

Bonds to carbon, aluminum, and wood shafts. Will bond vanes, feathers, nocks and inserts. Bonds strong and bonds fast. Weatherproof, impact resistant, and sheer resistant.

goat tuff

Goat Tuff High Proformance
Sale Price $10.95 for 1/2 oz bottle.
Available in: 1/2 oz, 1 oz bottles

Goat Tuff is the best Bonds vanes or Feathers in 5 seconds. Ideal for aluminum, carbon and wood shafts. No residue or graying of shaft, waterproof formula. Available in 1/2 oz, 1 oz

goat tuff high impact glue

Goat Tuff High Impact Glue
Sale Price: 14.95
for 1/2 oz bottle.

Bonds inserts in carbon and aluminum shafts. Rubberized to absorb higher shock loads. Bonds broadheads that attach to ferrule or wood shaft. 1/2 oz.

Goat Tuff Accelerator Goat Tuff Accelerator
Sale Price $10.95 for 1 oz bottle.
Goat Tuff Debonder Goat Tuff Debonder
Sale Price $9.95 for 1 oz bottle.
aae epoxy

AAE 24 hour Epoxy
Sale Price $8.95

24 hour cure 2 part epoxy for gluing components into aluminum and carbon shafts.

bohning epoxy

Bohning Quick Cure Epoxy
Sale Price $14.95

By Bohning. Permanently bonds points & inserts to all types of shafts.

devcon epoxy

Devcon 2 Ton Epoxy
Sale Price $14.95

Dev-Tube applicator allows user to squeeze equal amounts of both parts. Simple mix and use. Dries clear in color. 1 oz.

super grip

Super Grip Hot Melt
Sale Price $2.95

By Cir-cut. Specially formulated to withstand high-impacts without fracturing bond. Bonds inserts, bushings and broadheads. For use on aluminum, carbon and wood shafts.


Bohning Ferr-L-Tite Hot Melt
Sale Price $4.75

Hot melt cement. Tough, elastic, water-proof bond. Adhere points and inserts to aluminum or wood shafts. Heat reversible.

bohning cool flex adhesive

Bohning Ferr-L-Tite Cool Flex Hot Melt
Sale Price $4.75

Specially formulated LOW TEMP Hot melt glue for carbon shafts. Tough, elastic, water-proof bond and heat reversable. Adhere points and inserts to carbon shafts. Heat reversible. Low-temp hot melt for carbon shafts. Instant full strength set-up in cold water. The newest addition to the Bohning insert adhesive line. A super strong, low melt temp adhesive specifically formulated for carbon arrows. Easy to apply. Heat reversible. 12 gram stick will do approx. 144 inserts.

hot melt

Easton Hot Melt
Sale Price $3.95

The Easton Hot Melt adhesive offers superior bonding strength and flexibility, because this adhesive will not fracture on impact there will be no vibration from insert to shaft. 3 1/4" stick.

apple hot melt

Apple Rhino Hot Melt
Sale Price $1.95

4" glue stick. For all points and sleeves. Provides a very pliable, strong bond for securing broadheads and points directly into arrow shafts.



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