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Carter Enterprises, Inc. is continually redesigning and improving it's products. Carter Premium release aids for archery and the most discriminating target shooter or serious bowhunter. Carter Enterprises has met the challenge of developing a hunting release that can stand up to the tuff demands of bowhunting. The internal pieces of our releases are made out of 440 stainless steel and are machined on precision CNC milling machines. We feel this gives us the best internal pieces on the market. The housings are made out of 6061 T6 aluminum. They are precision machined on CNC milling machines, vibratory deburred, and anodized at one of our premier metal finishers. Each release is hand assembled and tested before it leaves the premises.


Carter Rx2 Release

Carter Rx2 Release
Sale Price: $130.00

The Carter RX 2 is simply the fastest, quietest, and most accurate wrist strap release on the market today and features a brand new magnetic hook return that automatically closes with the simple squeeze of the finger. This unique self closing, open hook design is perfect for trouble free shooting from a string loop, all the while giving a perfect release. RX series features the Interchangeable Tension System regardless of your preference in trigger tension, you will be able to achieve it without adding in unwanted trigger travel. The RX comes standard with a premium fully adjustable leather buckle strap made by Scott. The RX2 has a reverse pivoting hook that is a reverse jaw feature that allows the jaw to exit away from the face without any interference. Comes in all black.


Carter Backstrap
Sale Price: $189.99

Enjoythe Best of Both Worlds with the new Backstrap release from Carter.Designed after the Evolution Series, this innovative resistanceactivated release is fired from pulling and not punching. This is asure fire way to overcome buck fever and target panic.

TheBack Strap is specially designed for wrist strap shooters providingeven less torque then hand held release aids. For a full range ofpulling weight the springs can be changed by using our uniqueInterchangeable Tension System (I.T.S.). With the Backstrap the triggeracts as a safety and not a firing pin. The safety is depressed duringthe draw cycle of the bow and then released at reaching full draw. Oncein the valley relax the index finger off the safety and begin pullingand building pressure on the back wall of the cam until the releasefires. For safely letting down the bow the trigger can again bedepressed and held down while relaxing the bow to rest. This is thebest concept for struggling archers that want to learn to push and pulluntil the shot fires.

TheBackstrap is the perfect wrist strap style release for competitivetarget archers and hunters alike and It is sold with the popular ScottArchery Buckle Strap.




Carter Two Shot
Sale Price: $99.99

Our newest hunting release is the Two Shot. We took the popular One Shot and made it even better. This index finger release has a triple sear which allows the pressure to be spread out over six points instead of the normal two. It features a beefed up casing and larger hasp opening. Also, this release was designed especially for clamping directly to the bow string, but works just as well with D-loop or rope tied to the release. This sleek design is even user friendly with gloves on and comes with your choice of a black or Camo Velcro or black leather buckle wrist strap. The head of the release is anodized in black or Camo. The Camo pattern is Sherwood Treebark. Beautiful to look at, beautiful to shoot.


Carter Quickie 1
Sale Price:$89.99

Where faster is better, Carter Enterprises has just met the challenge of developing a hunting release that can stand up to the need for speed, whatever the hunting situation may be, with the introduction of their all new Quickie series featuring the Quickie and Quickie 2. The open-jawed, single-sear wrist strap design offers a self-closing jaw which quickly relocks following each shot, providing for easier, faster loading on either a D-loop or serving. In addition, enjoy the luxury of silent loading and silent shooting with this index finger model while losing none of the accuracy for which Carter has become so famous. As always, expect the same durable, high quality 440 stainless steel parts, smooth contours, and option of travel adjustment with the turn of a set screw. This compact release is available in black with a quality buckle strap. Enjoy the open jaw of the Quickie or the reverse open jaw of the Quickie 2. Finally, a release made for the intrepid hunter while being fast enough for speed rounds, accurate enough for spot shooting. Available now from Carter Enterprises. Camo Not Black

carter like mike release

Carter Like Mike Release
BUY NOW Sale Price: $160.00

Carter Enterprises has had the pleasure of Professional Archer Michael Braden shooting our releases for most of his impressive career. This Collaboration led him to team up with Carter’s design genius Jerry Carter to create the best index finger trigger release ever made, the Like Mike.

   The Like Mike features a double sear design for increased accuracy and reliability. It also has least amount of trigger travel of any release Carter has ever made. The trigger has minimal overtravel to eliminate any “spongy” feeling when fired, leaving you with nothing but a nice “crisp” feel. The sleek in line design fits perfectly in any size hand and is very aesthetically pleasing. The Like Mike has a 0 to 5 pound adjustment range with the turn of a screw. It also features the popular Open Jaw that loads quickly and silently on a d-loop with no chance of slipping off. The Like Mike comes standard with the Scott Strap for no chance of attachment webbing slippage.

   Michael Braden has stated that the Like Mike is the best index finger release ever created and shoots it exclusively. Try one today and you could be “Like Mike”! Or maybe better…

carter lucky release

Carter Lucky Release
BUY NOW Sale Price: $129.99

We all need a little luck in our lives sometimes. Now Carter Enterprises will bring you some. Introducing the new “Lucky” from Carter Enterprises.

        The Lucky is a new index finger wrist strap release based on the extremely popular Like Mike release. The Lucky features a shorter head along with Jerry Carter’s proven double sear design for no build up of tension with increased bow weight.

        Also, similar to the Like Mike the Lucky has the least amount of trigger travel of any of the Carter releases. The Lucky also features the new Magnetic Attraction Tension System for customization of trigger tension with no springs. The new M.A.T.S. is the fastest and easiest trigger tension system ever created. Simply add or remove magnets by sliding them in or out for simple tension customization.

Order yours today and get lucky!

ember 1

Carter Ember 1
Sale Price: $189.99

Release features a handle design that is a half-inch shorter than previously designed hand-held release aids allowing the shooter to shoot a half-inch longer draw. Release automatically reloads the hook after firing and can be shot as a two-finger thumb trigger, as a three-finger thumb trigger, as a four-finger thumb trigger and as a reverse pivoting hook when being shot as a third-finger trigger release. Thumb-trigger shoe doubles as the third-finger trigger when in the reversed position. Interchangeable Tension System.



Carter Ember 2
Sale Price: $189.99

Accurate and versatile enough for the target shooter or hunter the Ember 2 is the fastest, most accurate, easiest loading and best tuning releases on the market today.

The Ember 2 features a handle design that is a half-inch shorter than previously designed hand-held release aids enabling the archer to shoot a half-inch longer draw and increase arrow speeds up to 5 fps. Both releases automatically reload the hook after firing, the open hook design is ideal for fast hunting situations.

The Ember 2 features a newly designed version of the Interchangeable Tension System (I.T.S.) for quick and easy spring change. The modular designed handle allows each release to be shot as a two-finger thumb-trigger, as a 3-finger thumb-trigger, as a 4-finger thumb-trigger and, totally new, as a reversible ring-finger TRIGGER release.

The Ember 2 features a reverse-pivoting hook when shot as a thumb-trigger release allowing the bowstring to have no contact with an archer’s face; providing precise arrow flight. This reverse jaw feature is very important for archers with full cheeks, beards or hunting face masks as it allows the string to exit the jaw away from the face without any interference. The Ember 1 features the same reverse-pivoting hook when being shot as a third-finger trigger.

The releases come standard with a new thumb-trigger shoe which doubles as the third-finger trigger when in the reversed position. Discover how hot your shooting can be when you get your hands around an Ember.

carter simple 1 release

Carter Simple 1 Three Finger Release
BUY NOW Sale Price: $189.99

Looking for a hand held release that is easy to use but you don’t want to sacrifice quality and adjustment? Carter Enterprises introduces the New Simple 1. The Simple one gives you the consistency and accuracy that Carter Releases are famous for, along with a new simple operation. Simply push in on the cocking lever to close the jaw and cock it in one smooth motion around your d-loop. Simple. The Simple 1 features our proven thumb trigger sear design with easy one screw travel adjustment. Simple.  The Simple 1 features our proven Interchangeable Tension Adjustment system (I.T.S.) for easy trigger tension changes. Simple.  A new shorter head design helps  add precious draw length. Try one today and see how easy archery can be with the Simple 1.


carter plain 1 release

Carter Plain 1 Four Finger Release
BUY NOW Sale Price: $189.99

Plain doesn't always mean boring.
Carter Enterprises introduces the Plain 1, new four finger thumb trigger release.

    The Plain one cocks and closes the jaw in one smooth easy motion allowing a very fast and easy loading on a d-loop. Our proven sear design gives you an exceptional trigger for unsurpassed accuracy. The Plain 1 features a shorter head for added draw length and a very quiet shot. Shoot one today and see how such a Plain 1 can be so exceptional.


Carter 3 Finger Chocolate Addiction
Sale Price: $189.99

This trigger release is loaded with great features. For instance, the new Adjusto Trigger Plus rotates 360 degrees, so the perfect thumb position setting is just a quick spin away. The Chocolate Addiction is also the most adjustable Carter ever! At the base of the trigger lever are three holes. The first one adjusts trigger travel while the other two are spring-loaded to affect trigger tension. The tension and travel setting options are endless. That?s not all folks. The cocking lever on the back closes the hasp with one motion. Place hook on release rope or D-loop, push cocking lever, hasp closes on rope or D-loop -- simple as that. It is available in two-finger, three-finger and four-finger models and can be shot off a D-Loop or release rope attached to the release. So, if you are seeking the most comfortable, accurate and adjustable trigger release in the world -- get "Addicted."


Carter Evolution Plus 3 Finger
Sale Price: $189.99

Carter Enterprises would like to introduce the latest revolutionary idea from Jerry Carter to help you enjoy archery even more.

The Evolution is a fully adjustable triggerless back tension release that works by pulling through an amount of poundage greater than your holding weight at full draw.

Simply attach the Evolution to your loop, hold in on the safety and draw to your anchor. Let off the safety and continue to pull past your holding weight and experience the cleanest surprise release you’ve ever felt. The Evolution requires no rotation and is fully adjustable to your individual bows holding weight. Our revolutionary new safety system completely eliminates the chance of misfires while drawing. The short distance between the finger grooves and the jaw will not take away any precious draw length.

The newly incorporated Interchangeable Tension System allows you to change the adjustment spring to customize your Evolution to your individual bow set-up without taking the release apart to change springs.

Witness the latest “Evolution” in release aids from Carter Enterprises and evolve into the best archer you can be.


Carter Hammer
Sale Price: $189.99

Hammer with Interchangeable Tension System

The Hammer was designed and named after Tim Gillingham (The Hammer) Winner of 8 Major Pro Tournaments in 2006 including the Big Sky Open in Mesquite which he won shooting the Hammer. The Hammer is based off the proven performance of the original Carter Hole Thing, a release that has dominated pro tournaments since the 1990’s. The Hammer is a newly shaped casing that is more form fitting to the hand. It is a thumb trigger release that is designed for quicker and easier loading with a newer open hook design. Win like a pro with the new Hammer release.


Carter Target 3
Sale Price: $189.99

The three finger design of the Target 3 allows you to drop your little finger off the release while still giving you all of the preferred features of the Target 4. This release has been redesigned to include the new ITS making it easy to change the springs whenever, wherever you want. World champion Dave Cousins said, "It is the most accurate release in the world!"


Carter Target 4
Sale Price: $189.99

Formerly known as the BK Target, the Target 4 is one of our most popular release. It is a closed reversed jaw, four finger, thumb release. It has been redesigned to make it easier on D-loops and release rope and also for easier loading. The four finger design is very comfortable for medium to large hands and the rounded corners give you the feeling that it is custom made. This release is even better now that it has been redesigned to include the new ITS making it easy to change your springs whenever, wherever you want. If you buy a Target 4, you may be one of the next world champions

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