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Badlands Packs

At Badlands we use only #90 thread . We use #10 toothless zippers, we use proprietary zipper pulls that are molded with a special rubber that gets sticky when wet. We sew over every seam at least three times (four or five in high stress areas). Badlands uses seam tape on every and all seamed areas . we bar-tack all stress point with Arimid thread . t Badlands takes every piece of webbing possible and runs it into two seams . We at Badlands offer an UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME WARRANTY. No matter who's at fault we will fix it for FREE !

Bow Hunters want exceptional performance from there backpack. To get great performance you first must have a exceptional fit. Badlands packs are ergonomically tailored to fit the natural curves of the human body. The shoulder straps are "S" shaped to conform the chest and the foam back panel is molded three dimensionally to fit the curves of your back. The hip belt is also molded foam to fit the contours of your hips. Please use the charts below charts to help make fitting your Badlands pack simple and easy.


Advantage MAX 1


Realtree AP


Free shipping in lower 48 States

ultra Day Pack

Badlands Ultra Day Pack
CART Sale Price: $149.95

Yes, our packs are sleek, fast, and amazingly sweet to carry. However, there are times when you need a “tool box with shoulder straps”. Well we got your back. The Ultra Day pack has so many seven pockets it is border line ridiculous. Yes, we dare say this is the ultimate White Tail pack. Tree steps, grunt calls, hydration, whatever you need is right there right then. All of these pockets also have our Badlands mesh junk catchers, and anything that did not stay where you put it will be contained when the pockets are opened. Features Hypervent suspension with vented shoulder straps made from water resistant fabrick that will also carrya rifle or bow. Not really large enough to carry a Spotting Scope. Uses a 100 oz. bladder for hydration, sold separatlly.

Intended Use:
The ultimate Whitetail pack. Works great in a tree stand.

WEIGHT 2 lb. 3 oz.
DIMENSIONS 22" x 12" x 8"
CAPACITY 1800 ci
HYDRATION 100 oz. (not incl)


Pack is shown in Realtree Hardwoods Camo
Available in : Max 1 and hardwoods


Free shipping in lower 48 States

Badlands Diablo

Badlands Diablo Day Pack
CART Sale Price: $159.95

In Spanish Diablo means “Pissed off Bull” (we are sure that is a lose translation, but you get the idea). By incorporating the newest, lightest and strongest materials available the Diablo hit a ratio of 15x, meaning it weighs less than three pounds, yet is capable of sustaining loads of 45 pounds plus. The Diablo utilizes another version of our Hypervent system that is based on 2 heat hardened stays. These act like springs when placed under tension. The result is the best circulation of cool air ever to pass through a pack. Features Hypervent suspension with vented shoulder straps made from water resistant fabrick that will also carrya rifle or bow. Not really large enough to carry a Spotting Scope. Uses a 100 oz. bladder for hydration, sold separatlly.

Capacity: 1900 ci
Dim: 23” x 14” x 10”
Weight: 2lbs 8oz

Pack is shown in Realtree Hardwoods Camo
Camo paytterns Available in :
Realtree AP
Advantage Max-1




Free shipping in lower 48 States

Badlands Super Day

Available Camouflage patterns:
Realtree AP
Advantage Max-1

Uses the 95 oz. water bladder, sold separetlly.

Badlands Super Day Pack
CART Sale Price: $179.95

Super Day Pack This pack has been our "bread and butter" for quite a few years now. And why not? It's pretty, does everything well, carries your gear, and stays quiet the whole time. You tell us if those aren't great qualities for a partner. Just to keep things fresh at home, the Superday went in for a little cosmetic surgery. Let us tell you, there is nothing like a little nip and tuck to get the honeymoon started all over again. We couldn't wait to go try its eight new easy access pockets, spotting scope holder, and hydration set up. Not to mention the new hip-hugging belt system. So if you are looking to spice things up at spike camp, take a look at the new Superday.

Most comfortable pack in its size category
Deluxe bow-holding system
Precurved, anatomically correct hipbelt
Spotting scope pocket
Hydration system compatible
We dare you! Go ahead, try to find another daypack on the market that performs, fits, or lasts like the Superday. We're quite certain you won't find one that even comes close.

WEIGHT 3 lb. 15 oz.
DIMENSIONS 20" x 13" x 7.5"
CAPACITY 1950 ci
HYDRATION 95 oz. (not incl)



Badlands Reactor Pack
Free shipping in lower 48 States

badlands reactor pack

Badlands Reactor Pack
cart Sale Price: $69.95

If you're a player and like your drinks straight up the Reactor is a low profile no B.S. system which will hold 100 ounces of water and a few other sundry items as well (like 30 or 40). It features the Bandland Airtrack Suspension, which will keep you comfy and dry.
The shoulder straps were actually designed to be slightly longer and silhouetted so they easily fit over the gear. They are vented to keep you cool and low profile enough to not cause any restricted movement.

Weight: 1 lb. 8 oz.
Dim: 20 x 10 x 6
Capacity: 900 ci
Pockets: 9
Spotting Scope: No
Bow: No
Rifle: No
Water Bladder: 100 oz included

Available Camouflage patterns:
Realtree AP
Advantage Max-1


Badlands Hyper Vent Backpack
Free shipping in lower 48 States

Badlands Yypervent pack

Available Camouflage patterns:
Realtree AP
Advantage Max-1

Uses the 100 oz. water bladder, sold separetlly.

Badlands Hypervent Day Pack
cart Sale Price: $189.95

Badlands packs are engineered for hunters who need equipment that can handle everything they put it through. The KX032 fabric combines an ultrastrong nylon foundation with a waterproof urethane shell for superior protection from wet weather, while remaining quiet for true hunting performance. The Hypervent Pack is the first pack of its kind. Engineered to transfer heat away from the body while maintaining center of gravity. Hypervent's patent-pending "no sweat" design puts more than 1,000 cu. in. of air space between the pack and your back to ensure air circulation and prevent hot, sweaty backs. There's a T-6 aluminum interior frame. The pack bridges the gap between the carrying convenience of an internal frame pack and ventilation features of an external frame pack. Features include five pockets, a spotting scope pocket, a bow belt and hydration compatibility for a bladder up to 110 oz. (not included). Imported.
Capacity: 2,050 cu. in.
Weight: 3 lbs. 4 oz.
Dim: 20" x 12" x 8"

badlands kali

Badlands Kali Day Pack Just for women
cart Sale Price: $159.95

Far more than just a pack with some pink splashed on it. The Kali (Goddess of Hunting) was designed to fit the physiological differences between men and women. This includes a shorter torso, more contoured shoulder straps and a waist belt which is angled to fit the natural curvature of a women’s hips. Then, last but not least, the center of gravity was positioned to enhance the balance point of the fairer sex as well. But the giving does not stop there, we threw in a Hypervent suspension, hydration capability and a boat load of pockets.

Pack Details:

Hight: 2 lbs 14 oz
Dimensions:12” x 22” x 11”
Capacity: 2500 ci
Rifle: YES
CAMO : Max-1 & AP


Badlands 2200 Backpack
Free shipping in lower 48 States

Badlands 2200

Available Camouflage patterns:
Realtree AP
Advantage Max-1

Badlands 2200
cart Sale Price: $259.95

No more setting your pack in the mud! With its unique dual entry layout, you can access all your gear without ever taking this pack off. Simply spin it around in front of you, and you've got all the pockets at your fingertips. Seven years ago we set the Hunting world on its ear with our new concepts of how gear should be carried. Since that time the 2200 has become one of the most popular of those ideas. At first glance it is difficult to tell what makes this pack so different, however, its beauty lies in its simplicity (and it is one handsome pack.) Even with its sleek lines, the 2200 offers five accessory pockets which allow you to carry tripods, game, spotting scopes, name it. And heres the clincher: it has two entry points so all that gear you loaded in can now be accessed without taking off the pack. No, we're not kidding. Simply spin it around in front of you and Whammo, all five pockets and the main compartment are right at your fingertips. No more setting your gear in the mud or snow to get what you need.

Exclusive top and front panel loading system
Heavy-duty fold-away meat shelf in blaze orange
Secure bow holding system
Accessory attachment points on waistbelt
Hypalon reinforcement in high-stress areas
Five convenient pockets
The 95oz water bag is made to fit the 2200 backpacks.

WEIGHT 4 lb. 15 oz.
DIMENSIONS 25" x 14" x 8"
CAPACITY 2875 ci
HYDRATION 100 oz. (not incl)


BADLANDS 2800 Split pack
Free shipping in lower 48 States

Badlands 2800

Available Camouflage patterns:
Realtree AP
Advantage Max-1



Badlands 2800
cart Sale Price: $279.95

Like all of our packs, the 2800 is built with the finest materials including our own proprietary KX032 Fabric, and aramid thread. Plus with its unique split design the 2800 allows you to carry your gear and your quarters so you can pack it all out in one trip — not that you should. Your knees aren't covered by our legendar warranty, so considered yourself warned. The 2800 represents the ultimate experience in designing hunting equipment. In order to give you the best, we spent endless hours studying a problem and coming up with the most unique and innovative solution possible. Typically, the premise of a successful hunter is that you come out of the field with more than you went in with. Until now, quarters and gear did not always mix well, forcing you to ditch your gear under a tree, while you packed out the quarters. This is now the other guy's problem because all you do is hit two buckles on your 2800 and WHAM, it turns into the ultimate meat wagon. Now you don't have to find a tree to leave anything behind. We could continue to go on and on about the many problems this pack resolves, but we'd rather you just strap one on and enjoy this 2800 problem solver.The 2800 will change the way you carry quarters forever. Simply release two buckles and this pack converts into a flat bed truck (minus the engine)

Revolutionary new split design
Seven pockets to keep your gear safe, sound, and with you all the time
Roll-top closure
Sleeping bag and bed roll straps
The 95oz water bag is made to fit the 2800 backpacks.

CAPACITY:2800 cu. in.
WEIGHT: 4 pounds 15 oz
Dim: 25” x 14” x 8”

badlands ox pack

BADLANDS OX External Frame Backpack
cart Sale Price: $459.95

Technology has one purpose and that is to help make the experiences we have in life more efficient and enjoyable.  The world is chalked with inventions that "worked better than nothing, but didn't really work."  That is about the only way there is to describe the old EXTERNAL FRAMES, which have been ruining people's backs and littering spike camps for years. What makes all this possible is a new concept called "thought" a by-product of which is called "Pack Forward Technology."  With traditional external frame packs once you take some foam and mesh and attach it to a metal frame and then attach a bag, you have pushed the weight so far away from your body that you spend half your energy just trying to stand upright. However, by taking the pack which contains all the heavy gear and pushing it directly against your back while taking the super light weight frame and moving it back, you end up with a load carrying device which has the center of gravity of an internal frame but the strength of an internal.  The combination is unbeatable!

The OX is made from ultra light, ultra strong T-6 aircraft aluminum.  It has zero welds and can be broken down in the field and tucked away into the side pockets of the pack.  Or if you prefer, you can take off the pack and just carry the frame.

Weight:  9lb. 3oz.
Dimensions:  27" x 16" x 9"
Capacity:  3500 cubic inches
Number of Pockets:  7
Spotting Scope:  Yes
Rifle Holder:  Yes
Bow Holder:  Yes

Available in Realtree AP
Shown in Realtree AP



BADLANDS 4500 Backpack
Free shipping in lower 48 States

Badlands 4500

Available Camouflage patterns:
Realtree AP
Advantage Max-1

Please note: These measurements are approximate. If you have a large build for your height, you should size up. If you have a more slender build, size down. The larger the pack the more important the fit.

Height Pack Size Waist Size Belt
5'7" to 5'10" Medium 30" - 34" Medium
5'11" to 6'3" Large 35" - 42" Large

BADLANDS 4500 Backpack
Sale Price: $399.95

The 4500 defines the word core. There is not a pack on the planet that can match the technology, comfort, features, or performance of the 4500 period. The 4500's molded foam matches your body curve for curve and a polycarbonate frame which transfers even the strangest loads with grace and comfort at half the weight and twice the strength of a traditional aluminium framed pack. The suspension is the "performance zone" The 4500 from Badlands is chosen by more guides than any other pack on the market. The molded foam suspension and polycarbonate frame make it the most capable load hauler of all time. For 2007, Badlands added another Badlands exclusive, the Out Rigger: this allows you to haul meat and gear at the same time will keeping them separate.

The 4500 comes fully loaded with a polycarbonate frame, molded-foam suspension, removable fanny and day pack, an intergraded meat shelf, full-hydration capabilities, and various sizes to fit your body exactly. So this year go ahead and take your time ordering, we have plenty... Yeah right.

The 95oz water bag is made to fit the 4500 backpacks.

Pack Details:
WEIGHT 7 lb. 13 oz.*
DIMENSIONS 35" x 17" x 8"
CAPACITY 4800 ci
HYDRATION 96 oz. (not incl)




Badlands Terra Glide Duffel
Free UPS Ground to Lower 48 States
cart Sale price $229.99

The Terra Glide is the ultimate way to get your gear to the start of your desination in functional style.  It is the ultimate spike camp on wheels and has designated compartments for your bow and the rest of your gear as well.  It is built to Badlands standards and will make even the most ambitious baggage handlers blush.

Available in Advantage Max 1

• Best way possible to transport your gear.
• Holds up to 3 bows plus clothes and gear.
• Wheels and telescopic handle.

WEIGHT 12 lb.
DIMENSIONS 38" x 18" x 11"
CAPACITY 4500 ci
COLOR Max1 camo / tan


Free shipping in lower 48 States

Badlands Monster Fanny Pack



Badlands Monster Fanny
Sale Price: $129.95

The Badlands Monster Fanny pack is simply the biggest, baddest, fanny pack you can buy, period. The Monster is the only framed fanny pack on the market. A preloaded piece of high-density delron encircles the entire pack and ties everything into the hip belt. The result is a fanny pack that stays where it is supposed to with no sagging or shifting. You'd be hard pressed to find a fanny pack that will carry weight as comfortable as this one. The Monster also included a built in set of shoulder straps that are always there when you need them. The Monster can out carry any fanny pack 2 to 1.

Camo Patterns:
Realtree AP
Advantage Max-1

Capacity: 1100 ci
Dim: 12” x 19” x 8”
Weight: 2lbs 14oz
No. of Pockets: 5

35 oz Water Bladder Capacity (optional)


Badlands Hyper Hydro Pack
Free shipping in lower 48 States

hyper hydro pack

Badlands Hyper Hydro Pack
Sale Price: $99.95

When was the last time you went hunting in tight lycra shorts or peddled a bike to your tree stand? Exactly. So why would you wear a hydration system made for guys who are okay with that kind of stuff? It is time to pledge your allegiance not to a bike company but a hunting company that understands your needs and makes products that not only keep you hydrated but will stock other hunting essentials.
Weight: 2 lbs. 7 oz.
Dim: 18" x 11" x 7"
Capacity: 900 ci
# of Pockets: 5
Spotting Scope: No
Bow: No Rifle: No
Water Bladder: Up to 105 oz

Camo Patterns:
Realtree AP
Advantage Max-1

bino case

BadLands Binocular Case
Sales Price: $129.95

The new Badlands Bino system is in a class of its own. The patent pending ZipNo™ technology uses a system of magnets sewn completely around all openings on the case, eliminating the need for zippers Only the ZipNo™ closure, allows you to open and close the case with one hand and protect your glass from the unpredictable elements of the outdoors and the rugged activities of a hunter. The practically water tight seal allows your binos to be fully functional and protected, all without the use of zippers or buckles.

• Water tight dust proof Zip-No Closure System
• Wide Ventilated Shoulder straps
• Built in 35oz Hydration System on the harness
• Side straps allowing you to attach Range Finder, GPS, or Two Way Radio
• Work station with pocks for all your game calls, maps or snacks
• Can be worn alone or attached to any Badlands Backpack
• Bow Hook, allowing you to use both hands for your glass and not having to set your bow on the ground

Weight:  1lb. 8oz.
Dimensions:  10" x 6.5" x 3"
Number of Pockets:  1

Available in Advantage Max 1 or Realtree AP.
Shown in Advantage Max 1



BADLANDS Water Bladders
Free shipping in lower 48 States

95 oz. Bladder                                100 oz. Bladder

badlands 95 oz bladderbadlands 105 oz bladder




Badlands Hydration Bladders
Sale Price: $24.95

These water bladders come in two sizes; 95oz. and 105oz..
The 95oz. water bag is made to fit the Badlands SuperDay, 2200 and 4500 2800 backpacks.

The 105 oz. water bag is made to fit the Hyper Vent, Diablo, Ultra Day Pack Super Day backpacks.









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