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Since 1986, ASAT® Camouflage has pioneered scientific camouflage development. Over the years the concept of the ASAT® pattern has been copied and imitated. However, no other single pattern has proven to be as effective in All Seasons and All Terrains as the original ASAT® design! Check out these test photos of ASAT Camo in different wooded areas. ASAT® looks exactly as it did in 1986 and the reason it remains the same is simple...It WORKS! This is the most important piece of hunting equipment you can own.

Once you use ASAT you will never use another camouflage.

“This is a pretty bold statement” you say and I would agree. I was very skeptical when I first used this unusual Camo pattern the first time, and once I was in the field I couldn't’t believe what I was experiencing. I was seeing more game than ever before. The animals would look right past or through me. We have had hunter from Hawaii to Australia rave about how well it really works. One hunter in Hawaii shot an Axis Deer at seven yards in almost open country. This is the best-kept secret in the hunting environment.

First of all, I know you are wondering "what in the world does ASAT stand for?" ASAT® stands for All-Season, All Terrain camouflage. What this means is you won't need different Camo for different seasons. The idea of needing several different types of Camo based on the season is a myth - That is, if you have the right Camo.

We're so confident in our product, we offer you this unparalleled guarantee ..."Wear ASAT® exclusively for one year, and if you don't see more game than you ever have wearing anything else... we'll buy it back . GUARANTEED!" Where in ANY industry would a company offer such a guarantee if their product didn't work?


ASAT Cotton Camo
Long Sleve T Shirt

ASAT Long Sleeve Polyester Camo T Shirt
Sales Price $24.00

ASAT® Long Sleeve T-Shirts.
Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL, XXL and XXXL


ASAT Short Sleeve Polyester Camo T Shirt
Sales Price $22.00

ASAT® Short Sleeve T-Shirts.
Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL, XXL and XXXL

Button Front Shirt

ASAT Long Sleeve Cotton Camo Button Front Shirt
Sales Price $54.00

100% brushed cotton button front field shirt with button flap pocket Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL, XXL and XXXL

BDU Pants

ASAT 6 Pocket Cotton Camo BDU Pants
Sales Price $62.00

Made of 100% brushed cotton. The BDU’s have double seats and knees, military styling/sizing with covered button pockets, waist adjusters and come in long length with blousible tie bottom legs. These are of the highest quality and will last you for many years of rough service.

Sizing Guidelines
Small 28”- 30”Waist
Medium 30”- 32” Waist
Large 34”- 36”Waist
Extra Large 36”-38” Waist
2XL 40”- 42” Waist
3XL 42”- 46” Waist

asat bomber jacket

ASAT Bomber Insulated Jacket ( These run a size Small )
Sales Price $64.00

Insulated Bomber Jacket made of 55% Ramie/45% Cotton with side slash pockets. Ideal for most hunting situations except the bitter cold. Rib knit cuffs and a stand up collar (can also be turned down) keep the wind out. No hood. Running small so please order 1 size larger than you normally wear.
Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL, XXL and XXXL

asat hoodie

ASAT Cotton Hoodie
Sales Price $48.00

The ASAT Hoodie is made from a medium weight poly-cotton blend material. The hoodie is great for early season hunts or as an added layer on cold mornings. Hood has a draw string with elastic in the cuffs. The hoodie comes with a zippered chet pocket and two slash pockets for your hands.

Sitka Gear Asat Camo
sitka base bottom

ASAT Sitka Gear Base Layer Bottoms
Sales Price $40.00

Sitka’s Summit Series fabric is designed to keep your skin dry when you sweat. This fabric features a Dual-Knit construction that uses different yarns on either side of the fabric. This creates two different surfaces: one that is optimized to move moisture away from the skin, the other to dry quickly.

sitka base bottom

ASAT Sitka Gear Expedition Bottoms
Sales Price $60.00

Sitka’s Expedition bottoms are built with the same fabris as the mountain shirt. Designed to keep your skin dry when you sweat. The heat to weight ratio keeps you warm while the ultra strech fabric keeps you comfortable. The four way strech expedition weight insulation combined with wind block will help keep you warm and TAB-100 Silver will aid in sent prevention.

ASAT Camo Accessories

ASAT 3-D Leafy Camo Suit
Sales Price $135.95

This leafy 3-D System was totally re-designed from top to bottom, featuring Zippered legs, for easy on/off over your boots, slash cuts to get into you inside pant pockets and snap fly. The Jacket/Top has elastic cuffs and zipper front and the suit comes complete with a Visor Pro™ face mask that fits over your favorite baseball cap and easily adjusts with a cable lock in the rear for perfect adjustment and complete peripheral vision. This NEW Ultimate Leafy 3-D System was designed by hunters, over many years of field-testing for the Ultimate in 3-D camouflage coverage. This suit was designed to fit over any layering you'll want to wear underneath, scent control suits, rain gear, severe weather clothing or just your shorts. Order the size you'd normally wear, Available Sizes: S,M,L,XL, XXL and XXXL. All sizes Generously cut in critical areas.


asat ball hat

asat muted logo


ASAT Camo Baseball Hat one size fits all
Sales Price $12.95

Regular style standard long brim (2 3/4") blank ball cap with no logo and oval logo. 100% Cotton, 6 panel, 1 size fits all. Adjustable slide strap in back. "Archers" ball cap with short brim (2 1/4") The Standard ball cap is somewhat "stiffer" than the Muted Logo caps.

Regular style standard long brim (2 3/4") ball cap with muted "ASAT" logo and "Archers" ball cap with short brim (2 1/4") and muted "ASAT" logo. Adjustable slide strap in back. 6 panel design.

100% soft brushed cotton; Machine Wash Cold; Do Not Bleach; Tumble Dry Low; One Size Fits All adjustable slide strap in back. 6 panel design.


ASAT Camo 3/4 Length Face Mask ( Hat Not Included )
Sales Price $15.95

Designed and developed by Tim Lenartz, has a built in sweat band that really works great. It’s secured by 2 elastic bands for easy adjustment and pulls down to your neck when you don’t need it. $15.95


ASAT Camo 3-D Leafy visor Pro Head Net
Sales Price $17.95

This is the head net included in the ASAT® Vanish-Pro™ Ultimate 3-D suit, has a cable-lock rear drawstring, also sold separately at $17.95


ASAT Camo MicroDot Jersey Gloves
Sales Price $4.95

Lightweight MicroDot Jersey Gloves, OSFA


ASAT Camo Hunters Bandana
Sales Price $4.95

100% Lightweight Cotton Extra Large 29" x 29"


ASAT Camo Vanish Pro 3-D Leafy Tape
Sales Price $17.95

Lightweight 3-D Leafy tape 15 feet long.

reaper blind

ASAT "Reaper" Ground Blind
Sales Price $190.00

Silent and Deadly!!!!

Our new Reaper Ground blind utilizes a leading edge hub system that allows the unit to be set up or taken down in about 30 seconds. Shoot-through windows eliminate the hassle of opening a window when game is in range. The Reaper has a footprint of 58" square and 69" in height, allowing bowhunters to shoot from a standing position. Distance from hub to hub is 72". It packs into a padded shoulder strap carry bag 42" x 7". The water resistant fabric keeps you out of the wind and rain. Weight 18 lbs.

8 larger windows with new dual purpose shoot through or quiet let-down mesh. 1 roof window, 1 door, 2 internal mesh pockets for gear. 1 internal bow/accessory hook. Water resistant poly-urethane coated fire retardant quiet peached skin material. 6" flap on bottom edge. Includes stakes and tie-down rope.

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