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AAE Cavilier Rests

Archery Warehouse is your first choice for bowhunting supplies eads and archery gear. Low cost archery supplies and archery equipment, bows, crossbows, arrows, Sights, Rests, quivers, targets. Cavalier arrow rests are perfect rest for the finger shooter using traditional archery equipment. The Cavalier family of arrow rests includes: Super Flyte, Free Flyte, Free Flyte Micro, Free Flyte Elite plus.

aae doa rest

AAE Cavalier DOA Arrow Rest
c Sale Price: $130.00

The DOA uses the fastest, smoothest, fall-away arrow rest action while being the most accurate full capture arrow rest on the market. The DOA has been engineered and manufactured with the tightest of tolerances in the industry for accuracy and durability. It employs a unique fall-away arm that stays up completely during the draw and maintains this position, even upon initial release of the arrow. At approximately three quarters of the way through the arrow's launch cycle, the arm is then quickly "tripped" downward, just in time for the fletching to clear. The arm will stay up when the bow is let down. A pull cord activates the fall-away mechanism, but requires very little tension for a torque-free setup. The containment arm is fully adjustable - in & out and up & down.


aae pro drop rest

AAE Cavalier Pro Drop Arrow Rest
c Sale Price: $155.00

The new AAE Pro Drop Limb Activated Fall-Away arrow rest was designed to give bowhunters and target archers perfect vane and feather clearance and ultimate accuracy.  Its rugged construction along with both vertical and horzontal micro adjustment features make it easy to tune your bow and keep it tuned. The launcher cord is attached to either the upper or lower limb of the bow. Upon release the launcher stays up longer and drops out of the way quicker, resulting in no cable torque.

AAE Free Flyte Elite rest

AAE Cavalier Free Flyte Elite Arrow Rest
c Sale Price: $75.00

A CNC machined version of the Free Flyte. Can be mounted with the conventional side plate or the riser can be drilled and tapped for the ultimate in stability. Dual magnet system allows for both inward and outward movement of the support arm. Two positive locking vertical and horizontal adjustments. Must be used with a plunger.Available in Right and Left Hand.

AAE Free Flyte rest

AAE Cavalier Free Flyte Arrow Rest
c Sale Price: $38.95

Position the magnet one way and the arrow support arm becomes a flipper style rest. Reverse the magnet and the support arm folds away upon release for perfect clearance. Available in Right and Left Hand.

aae superflyte rest

AAE Cavalier Super Flyte Arrow Rest
c Sale Price: $24.95

Versatile mounting bracket for easy installation, adjustable hex rod for deep center cut bows, and a removable spine point for use without a plunger. Has a replaceable arm support. Available in Right and Left Hand.

aae super flyte replacement launcher AAE Cavalier Super Flyte Replacement Launcher
c Sale Price: $4.95
aae super t hunter

AAE Cavalier Super T-300 Hunter Arrow Rest
c Sale Price: $10.95

Black Lexan back with self adhesive foam tape. Stainless steel spine point, plus Teflon-coated replaceable support arm. Available in Right and Left Hand.


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