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Arrows - Custom Fletched

**Click here to use our Product Info Page to help in Arrow Shaft Selection**

When you select an arrow for custom fletching, you will be walked through the following simple steps so we can build your perfect arrow!

**PLEASE READ THE PRODUCT DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY**  There are shafts which do not include components such as inserts or nocks. This is typically due to there being a variety of options available for that particular shaft. For these shafts, you must include the preferred components with the custom order in order for it to be processed in a timely manner. If not included at the time of the order, you will be contacted via email and the order will be placed on hold until missing items are purchased.

1. Select the shaft size

2. Decide if you want Vanes or Feathers and select the one's you want on your arrows

3. Select "Dark" or "Light" colors and let us do the rest or select your own color for the Vanes or Feathers from our reference chart and enter your selection for the cock and hen fletching. Click here for Feather Vane Color Options

4. Optional - Select fletching style. Right Helical is the default.

5. Optional - Select any other services, such as cutting arrows, installing inserts and/or wraps. Note - please follow the directions below when measuring arrows to be cut to a specific length. Once cut, arrows can not be returned.  If you select "install wraps", you must have added a wrap to your cart.  Those will be the wraps used in building your arrows.

Shaft and Arrow Length Measurement:

***Note*** In order to insure that your arrows and shafts are cut properly, please measure the cut length from the bottom of the groove in the nock (where string contact is made) to the end of the shaft not including the insert.